About the project

Prairie cougars have received little attention throughout the province.

We are developing a baseline study to uncover the whereabouts of this secretive and elusive species.

The reports of cougar encounters gathered from the public will be compiled into a database. The date and location of each sighting will be georeferenced onto a map to analyze for various ecological factors such as: population distribution, habitat selection, ecological behaviour, etc. This information could be further utilized as a jumping off point for future and more technical research that otherwise couldn't be performed.

There is much to discover!




The graduate student


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Tammie Windsor
Intermediate Biologist
Graduate student @ USask
BSc. Wildlife and Fisheries @ UNBC

Tammie grew up in a small oil and gas town within the boonies of northern British Columbia. Tammie’s childhood dreams were of becoming a biologist who specializes on wildcats. Her undergraduate degree was in Wildlife and Fisheries/Natural Resource Management at the University of Northern British Columbia. She seeks out adventure and travels for research and employment opportunities. Tammie has experience within forestry and environmental consulting. She has been involved in various research projects through the university, ministry, and private wildlife contractor companies. Her moto: through dedication, patience, and the willingness to learn your vision can become a reality.