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  • Terms and conditions: This is a masters-level project sanctioned and sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan. The information detailed on this website is aimed specifically to gather public attention, request public reports, and collect reports from those who voluntarily choose to provide such information specific to this research project. Any additional information provided on the website is considered accessory and supplemental. This is a masters-level project, as a student, I do not claim to be an expert within this field.


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  • Privacy statement: The information collected is for research purposes. The reports gathered from the public will be used to form the database for the project with the intention of publishing within an academic journal. Any information people provide through E-mail or the forums is considered voluntary without coercion or threat, and those involved within his project will not be held responsible for the information the public chooses to provide. The information will be shared amongst those directly or indirectly involved with the project. Data may potentially be stored for the long-term by the researchers and the University. Any individuals who provide permission to have their images displayed publicly on this website, facebook, twitter, display posters, or other sources of media must understand those involved in this project are not responsible for any outcomes directly or indirectly related to those postings. Anyone who wishes to opt-out may E-mail their request to me directly.

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